Monday, December 04, 2006

The Neon Chicken & The Rubber Duck - draft scripts parts 7 - 9


Transcription and 2nd draft The Neon Chicken and Rubber Duck.

I will try to refine/ improve fluidity and fun within these 6 new parts. I expect this to be straightforward and will take my inspiration from MINT TEA.

Make more graphic use of background and think about tracking shots movement in time al la Tarkovsky.

Get facts to go with script
Pt. 7 Global Warning with Al Gore.

This book is dedicated to the internal combustion engine
1. You buoy; yes you
2. Have you noticed this peculiar weather we’ve been having lately?
3. Something’s wrong, someone’s up to no good
4. Yes (quote list of conspiracy theories)
5. The Chattering Teeth say it’s caused by global warming

6. Poppycock. Toybox has more advantages than ever before…
7. advances in manufacturing and design. Toys are now more durable (plastic facts)
8. I remember the shortages of past times
9. Rubber Duck thinks: More cock and bull

11. The young have no concept of what it was like; recycle my old newspapers, my cockscomb (quote Don Delilio’s Underworld)
12. There are more serious problems to sort out first
14. Like terrorism…
15. hunger

16. Rubber duck speaks: If the hen house is on fire, you put the fire out (fan the flames)
17. What? You are always defying me with your smart answers
18. I don’t believe we are in danger. No need to PANIC
19. What’s this? What’s happening?
20. Oh shit!

Water starts to rise from spread 17 onwards, finally drowning and blowing up the Neon Chicken – Rubber Duck floats away into the ‘sunset’ (Duck is sun)

Colour drains from the story over the 20 spreads to a B/W graphic conclusion (homage to Frank Miller)

Pt. 8 British Education system with Any Luck

This book is dedicated to Nye Bevin
1. Old school tie used to mean something
2. Now this place is filled with hooligans and binge drinkers (quotes law and order facts from 1950’s)
3. What do they teach them in schools?
4. I’d like to know…
5. discipline gone just a rabble…

6. barbarians at the gate what!
7. Youth are a lost generation. No ties with past times
8. 200 dialects spoken at one Early Learning Centre. What sort of building blocks are these? (quote education stats)
9. Rubber Duck thinks: I don’t believe this, I agree with him

11. Chicken quotes Wordsworth
12. Chicken quotes Jerusalem
14. All gone, this is not how is was supposed to be…
15. intelligence and endeavour should improve our collection (quote the 1948 education act)

16. Rubber Duck speaks: Access to education makes over lives worthwhile, enriches existence, we have to make a stand
17. I am not talking about no place
18. I’m talking what we could achieve if we work together (top up fees)
19. So much lost (tear in chicken’s eye (mounting student debt)
20. Chicken is beaten to death by gang of Rats using baseball bats and police truncheons (black and white image)

What? US is a beacon to the world
Pt. 9 Coming to America with LudaCris

Dedicated to the victims of the North Atlantic slave trade and Frank Hinds
1. Where would the Toybox be without Columbus
2. 1492 was an auspicious year for our culture
3. We have that discovery to thank for so much… (quote AMERICA West Side Story)
4. we had the world at our feet… (detail of chicken feet)
5. look to the west my buoy

6. We are a beacon to the world (Thatcher Anglo Saxon solution quote)
7. Even in our darkest hour…
8. We gave them hope (Donald Rumsfeld stuff happens quote)
9. Rubber Duck thinks: What price liberty? Whose liberty is it anyway?

11. We are strong and stand shoulder to shoulder with our Allies
12. Make no mistake we will win the war on terror
14. You seem a little agitated…
15. what have I said now?

16. Rubber Duck speaks: I think your points are simplistic and very flawed. There’s no rigour to your argument
17. Come again…
18. Are you trying to patronise me?
19. Watch your step buoy… (God Bless America I. Berling)
20. be off this strip by sunset

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