Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Neon Chicken and the Rubber Duck - latest news

I am developing my cartoon strip project using the feedback from the recent 'Research in Progress' exhibition held at LCC 8-18 November 2006 as a starting point.

Second part of the series will involve me using InDesign and Photoshop software to adapt the format of the next 6 Parts. Parts 7 - 12 will be published in 'book' format. I will have to learn some bookbinding techniques early in 2007 to be able to complete this task.

Working titles for the 6 books:

Pt. 7 Global Warming with Al Gore
Pt. 8 British Education System with Any Luck
Pt. 9 Coming to America with Ludacris
Pt. 10 D.I.V.O.R.C.E with Paul McCartney
Pt. 11 Monarchy/Celebrity with Jade
Pt. 12 Justice and the Law with Liberty X

The format will use 20 spreads one image on each left-hand page and text with footnotes if required on the right-hand page. This format will force me to consider how the information will be read when 1 image at a time is seen in the sequence. How will the page of text work with the opposing image? The speed at which the work is read will be dependent on turning pages instead of the whole story being seen in totality on the previous broadsheet format. Will I be able to keep the readers interest in this format? The punchline will be delivered in a more isolated manner on the last spread.

The use of the footnote was inspired by the use of the word 'tradition' in Pt. 2 Fox Hunting with Otis Ferry led me to think about a subtext to the language used in the story. I feel that there will be more room for this device in the next 6 stories in the series.

1. I may become too precious about the quality of the work, as I have managed to create six successful pieces so far. Can I maintain a high standard?
2. I will lose my sense of humour - this work is supposed to be light-hearted as well as challenging to people’s prejudice.
3. I will become bored with the subject - it is very repetitive.
4. Book format is very old fashioned
5. Web publishing version is necessary; I do not have enough of these skills to make a success of this yet.

Keep in contact with my Blog for updates on this on-going process. I will be publishing 1st drafts of the scripts for your comments and displaying initial designs for the six books soon.


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