Thursday, October 08, 2009

Surface Tension Exhibition review

Congratulations on an excellent exhibition. The exhibitors demonstrated that have all learned a great deal about presenting artworks. The exhibition was of a professional standard. Promotion of the exhibition using a group website was an inspired idea, particularly the artist profiles. I would like to see more from each artist in the future.

The work was shown in a gallery space that was light and open. Obstructions were kept to a minimum and visitors moved easily through the space. There was a consistent layout for the work with the exception of Nicole Ostheimer who used one of the covered doorway space to good effect.

It is of paramount importance when having a group show for individual egos not to get in the way and for all exhibitors to work for the common good. A successful group show has to ensure all works are displayed to good effect. This was the case with Surface Tension and the steering group for the exhibiton should come in for special mention.

Exhibitors should keep working hard, stay focused and make sure you have you business head in gear at all times. Opportunity knocks but once.


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