Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Lexicography of Karl Andy Foster latest

Here is a small sample of my Lexicography or Lexicon for your consideration. This project is growing and growing with input from family and friends who have known me for decades adding their recollections about the phrases and invented words I've used on them.


All a crip \alacrip\ Adj. First used in 1982. Means very well dressed, clean and ready for action (Anglo Ras)


Bad Girl noun.
First used in 2007. Playful description of my girlfriend (English)

Batty Roll noun.
First used in 1993. Toilet Tissue (Anglo Ras)

Big Wood Plenty Zeboaka Seed
First used in 1980. Found in a school History textbook next to a crude drawing of an ejaculating penis and testicles (Caribbean source)

Blouse and Skirts
First used in 1976. My Uncle was heard to say this during a cricket match when England actually managed to score some runs (Caribbean source)

Bottler \bot, ler\ verb.
First used in 1983. When I was working hard on my project work during my foundation year my best friend rang up one day and he said to me “Come on Karl let’s go and get Bottler. I don’t know where the word came from but I knew exactly what it meant; let’s get very, very drunk (Anglo Ras)

Cheups \choops\ noun
First used in 1975. Sucking of one’s teeth when displeased. I was instructed by my elders not to do this but did it anyway (Caribbean source)

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