Monday, May 11, 2009

LCC Cert in Illustration Final Major Project Term 3

SABRINA SERAT: Sabrina has created a personal diary of her life over the last 5 years living in London (Sabrina is from Barcelona). She wants to produce and artistic record of her experiences. She is aware that personal diaries can be very self-indulgent and fail to reach out to an audience. She was asked to consider how the work could be adapted to help others to appreciate it and to consider the position of some of her colleagues on the course who have come to live in the UK from other parts of the European Union. The initial imagery for the diary look promising and the group discussed the size, presentation and technical finish for the diary. Will it look like a conventional diary?

Sabrina was asked to look at the work of Sue Townsend the author of the Adrian Mole novels.

Sabrina should complete the project by the deadline of June but she must stick to her schedule.

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