Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Neon Chicken and Rubber Duck 3rd draft script part twelve

Pt. 12 Justice and the Law with Liberty X

dedicated to Jamie Phillips

1. The story so far…
2. I feel that I have got to know you well my Rubber Ducky
3. My views are my own. I am speaking as I find you should respect me for that
4. I do wish you would open up more…
5. the Rubber Ducks I’ve known before have all been crimanimals…

6. they belonged in a cage
7. You seem different, educated and thoughtful. Not a real Rubber Duck
8. You act as my conscience
9. Rubber Duck thinks: I can believe the nerve of this prick

11. We have Law and Order…
12. shared values
14. Why don’t you respond? I’m sick of this plot device, it is so contrived. I am tired of you
15. You are a spoil sport, you should play the game

16. Rubber Ducks speaks: You scratcher, you have no redeeming feathers. If you speak to me again I’ll mess you up!
17. You dare threaten me. I’ll get the law on you…
18. you dirty little Duck, get the hell out of my Toy box
19. Rubber Ducks speaks: Motherfucker. It’s go time!
20. Narrator: after assaulting the Neon Chicken the Rubber Duck moves to the US. They never meet again.

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