Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Neon Chicken and Rubber Duck 3rd draft script part eleven

Pt. 11 Monarchy/ Celebrity with Jade

dedicated to Robert Altman

1. Young toys just want to be famous these days
2. Instant celebrity…
3. instant gratification (I’m one of the 20th most influtial…inflentual…influential people in the world)
4. Don’t want to work at anything
5. Young have lost the plot

6. Famous! for being famous
7. Point a camera phone at them and they think they are ready for stardom (I feel sorry for Kate [Lawler] she won the show, where is she now)
8. I bet you think you are famous now buoy
9. Rubber Duck thinks: This just gets weirder

11. We could have our own TV show
12. We could travel the illuminated globe. As Stars!!!
14. Well say something (I’m not a racist)
15. We could ask those Rats to work with us to add some menace

16. Rubber Ducks speaks: You are now out of your mind. Are you for fame or against it? (“You want fame, well fame costs and here’s where you start payin’ in sweat”)
17. I want to be famous of course I do. I’ve been beheaded, drowned, beaten and been through an awful divorce…
18. it’s my time to live buoy
19. We see multiple TV screen views of the two characters
20. Two characters stand outside an electrical shop now watch each other on the TV screens.
Neon Chicken speaks: Cool

The last two spreads incorporate a photographic image.

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