Sunday, October 23, 2011

LCC Illustration Alumni - Eleanor Ashfield

My New illustrated kids espionage thriller "Ralph is (not) a Spy" by Corinne V. Davies, illustrated by El Ashfield, features an evil merry-go-round horse; a long-legged car and hamster who can do morse code! - out October 2011- get it now in Waterstones & bookshops and also here:

My previous illustrated children's books: Ralph is (not) a Vampire made the top 3 of the People's Book Prize 2011 (see us at 2: 30 at ) ; was nominated for the Royal Mail Award, and Ralph is (not) a Superhero was shortlisted for the Gateshead Children's Book Awards.
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Also pix of me and the author on, If anyone is up in Edinburgh on Thurday, 3rd November, they can message me on twitter / contact the publisher through the facebook fansite and come along to the launch from about 8 p.m. (cake, games and a show as well as lots of book signings and fee alcohol) on top floor of the holiday Inn, Edinburgh, next to the Zoo.


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