Friday, August 05, 2011

Calling out to former students of Illustration Certificates who studied at LCP/LCC 1999 - 2009

I have spent the last year locating and contacting former students of LCP/LCC who studied on the illustration certificates.

I managed to contact over 40 people. Some of them have attended the 3 previous LCC Illustration Alumni meet-up sessions or contacted me in a professional capacity.

I'm now searching for those of you who I've been unable to contact. So if you attended one or more of the following Edexcel or ABC Certifcate courses then get in touch with me by e-mail



Edexcel Certificate in Practical Illustration

Edexcel Certificate in Experimental Illustration

Edexcel Certificate in Experimental Narrative Imagemaking

ABC Certificate in Illustration

ABC Certificate in Experimental Illustration

ABC Certificate in Narrative Illustration

Zoe, Robyn, Nick, Jed, Katia, Pietro, Mike, Kate, Judith, Matthew, Tom etc if you're out there get in touch.

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