Wednesday, May 04, 2011

FdA Design for Graphic Communication Year 1

Workshop 3 Rules: The Architecture of lines

A geometric line used as a graphic enhancement in page assembly - the term
is used to distinguish ruling lines from a line of type. A line can be used to
represent almost any idea that a designer can conceive.

In this workshop you will use the power of line to express your understanding
of 3D structure by exploiting the materials supplied.

You are to work in teams of 6. Decide who will be responsible for what in your
team. Make notes and record the development of your design work. You will
gain interpretive skills and a greater awareness of London as a specific
location and how this can be communicated to an audience. Use the following
brief to help you to design a new landmark and then construct a 3D model of
your design.

‘We decided we needed something extra, something to distinguish
the…London skyline, something to arouse the curiosity and wonder of
Londoners and visitors’.
Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, 2010

Design a new iconic landmark for London to act as a major and permanent
visitor attraction. Londoners can enjoy a ‘must see’ destination, which will help
to regenerate London.

Karl Foster 3 May 2011

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