Friday, April 01, 2011

FdA Design for Graphic Communication Year 1 & 2


The Brief:

Ditto Press is a print/publishing company based in London. We are looking for a new publication that shows off the capabilities of our printer in an innovative and interesting way. The final product will need to reflect our aesthetic and make full use of our machines potential.

We print with a two-colour Riso machine and stock 12 colours. We are looking to produce a small publication that addresses a range of issues:

- The way the ink sits on different papers
- Legibility with different fonts
- Overlapping different colours
- Different photographic rasterisation effects
- Gradient effects
- Anything else you can think of

The final product will carry a selection of test prints designed by a range of students. Each student is required to submit a novel idea for binding the publication, which we expect to be between 5 and 10 test prints.

Below is the student artwork selected by Ben at Ditto press to be featured in once of their promotional publications. Enjoy.

Artwork by Toby Milner-Giullard © 2011

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