Wednesday, February 02, 2011

FdA Graphic Spatial Communication Year 1

Exhibition Design Assignment

Working in groups the students on this course are tasked with creating an exhibition experience aimed at Undergraduate students like themselves. The exhibition space (images below) is very large and a challenging prospect for any would be exhibition designer. Good luck with the assignment guys you've got what it takes to produce something wonderful.



The project explores the idea of LCC organising an exhibition by students for students to help them understand story-based art forms. The exhibition would be located in the New Gallery within the Workshop block of the college. Teams of students would be selected to produce proposals for the design of the exhibition in terms of narrative, layout, displays and graphics.

Working in teams (3 students per team) you are to design an exhibition using one the exhibition titles below as a starting point:

• Film Noir – The Long Goodbye
• Manga and Anime – A Rising in the East
• Street Art – From Basquiat to Banksy

The exhibition should be educational and help students discover more about you chosen subject in a way that is entertaining, enlightening and meaningful. You will have to research the chosen subject in great detail.

Know the space: you will need to survey and record features of the space and produce a plan, elevations and photographs to use as the basis for all your drawings and models.

Know your subject: gather all information with regards to your chosen subject and write your exhibition brief and narrative.

The project should take into consideration basic health and safety and accessibility requirements.

You will also need to explain how sustainability is at the heart of your designs and source samples of the materials you will be using:
You will need to consider assembly (can it be taken apart with minimal damage and re-use), are you using local suppliers or at least UK materials to minimise transport, chose non-toxic/ chemical free alternatives, biodegradable alternatives and renewable timber if used.

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