Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FdA Graphic Spatial Communication Year 1

Perspective Drawing and Colour Rendering

Perspective drawings can be used to help you communicate the size shape and texture of your designs to a client or model maker. Colour rendering can be used to help a client understand the materials your design is made of and provides the illusion of 3D in context.

Exercise 1 – Two-point perspective shown through human scale
Find a space in DLG07 to sit and observe your other classmates. Create drawings that show each classmate as they appear in perspective in relation to your position. You may wish to include tables and chairs and walls to help you with this exercise. If you have time use shading effects to give extra volume to the subjects of your drawing.

Exercise 2 – Two-point perspective of an interior
Find a place in the College where you can create drawings that show the internal structures of the building. Remember to measure using your drawing implement and check the angles of the converging lines. If you have time use shading effects to give extra volume to the subjects of your drawing. It should be possible to recognise where in the College you have been drawing.

Exercise 3 - Using the templates provided create 3 drawings. Each drawing must be completed using different dry media. Drawing one produced using soft chalk pastels on white cartridge. Drawing two produced using colour pencils on white cartridge and drawing three working on black paper with chalk and compressed charcoal.

These drawings allowed the students to test materials they were not familiar with and to practice the techniques required to help them complete the Installation assignment.

The results of the Installation assignment to be posted soon.


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