Monday, May 11, 2009

LCC Cert in Illustration Final Major Project Term 3

UGO PISA: Ugo is working on three designs each aimed at different audiences. He wants to entertain young children, adults and senior citizens. He mentioned that his designs would reflect the preoccupations of these selected groups.

He is creating an image based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for children that will serve as a moral lesson to the innocent. He looks at Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio for his adult theme. He will show the land of the lazy where the less you do the richer you become. Finally he looks at some Zen tales to entice the senior citizens to resign themselves to imminent death and decay.

Ugo thinks his would might prove controversial and there was a brief description of lazy town linked to modern Italian politics. Also it was suggested that Lewis Carroll was not a fit person to be around children.

Ugo should complete this project by the deadline but I want him to work hard and focus on his actual drawing skills and rely less on the computer and Internet sources for the content of his work.

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