Monday, May 11, 2009

LCC Cert in Illustration Final Major Project Term 3

INTRODUCTION: I have decided to publish my study of the ‘process’ learners go through when they try to complete a major project. The group of learners I will be following attend the ABC Certificate in Illustration at LCC.

I have chosen to focus on 10 out of the 16 students attending the course over a 5 weeks period. The chosen students represent a spread of age, nationality and ethnic identity. I intend to publish the final outcomes of all 16 students on 25 June 2009 you will then be able to decide if you think I chose wisely. I will upload further materials soon after the 21 May (Interim Crit 2) and 4 June (Deadline) so come back and find out more. All original artwork displayed is the copyright of the individually named artists.


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