Saturday, March 08, 2008

Double Page Spread Illustrations for New Scientist magazine (ABC Certificate in Illustration @ LCC)

Students on the ABC Certificate in Illustration @ LCC were asked to produce two Illustrations for an article in the New Scientist magazine. This was a three week project.

Assignment Brief
Read the ‘You Talking to ME?’ New Scientist article and develop ideas to be used to create two illustrations to accompany it (see attached article).

The Illustrations must fit the indicated areas in the ‘You Talking to ME’ article. Size of illustration on pages 42 and 43 must be no larger than 376 mm Wide 158 mm Deep. Size of illustration on page 44 must be no larger than 121 mm Wide 104 mm Deep.

The article deals with the science of physics therefore it would be useful once you have read the article (at least twice) to speak to others about its content. Use these exchanges to help you form ideas that can be developed into appropriate images to fit the article. You will also use the research you collected during your visit to the V&A museum and any research produced by you previously on the course to support you understanding of the article.

In addition to this consider the following:
• Investigate the New Scientists target audience
• The two illustrations must be consistent in quality and be recognisable as the work of the same
• A full size ‘mock up’ of the DPS (see attached article).

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