Monday, February 25, 2008

Portraits Assignment ABC Certificate in Illustration @ LCC

Students on the ABC Certificate in Illustration @ LCC were asked to produce portraits for the following assignment:

Using the research collected during visits to the National Portrait Gallery and Institute of Contemporary Arts as a starting point choose three of the ‘Personalities’ from the list below:

Monica Ali – Writer

Ed Balls – UK Education Minister

Louise Bourgeios – Sculptor

Jade Goody – Professional Celebrity

Al Gore – US politician/Green Campaigner

Lewis Hamilton – Sportsperson

LudaCris – Rapper/ Actor

Sir Paul McCartney – John Lennon’s mate

Amy Winehouse – Musician

Create illustrations of each of your choices that communicate your understanding of the selected ‘Personalities’ appearance. You may wish to use a range of techniques to create the illustrations. The size and shape of your illustrations is also up to you. Full colour is available.

Look at existing illustrators or artist’s work and analyse its strengths and weaknesses. You could also think about a suitable environment to situate the personality in, this could be a simple image that does not clash with main portrait e.g. Architect: famous building or Writer: scene from their book.

Use lateral thinking devices to help you develop ideas for the appearance of your chosen ‘Personalities’.

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