Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Work of ABC Certificate in Illustration students

I have not been keeping my Blog updated as often as I would like. I am currently working on three 24-page books; Happy Accident; The Adventures of the Neon Chicken and the Rubber Duck; Black Narcissus. These are taking more time to produce than I had anticipated so in the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to show some of the work my students have been developing this term.

I teach a group of adults studying on a Certificate in Illustration at The London College of Communication, London, England. The last assignment they worked on was called Monsters Brief. At the start of the assignment they got in to 3 groups of 4 students and created several Exquisite Corpses to produce bizarre creations as starting point for the development of monster characters. This was successful exercise the results can be seen with this item.

The next exercise involved the same groups producing mindmaps of the 3 Key Words Monsters, Pain and Fever. These can also be seen with this article.

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