Thursday, December 21, 2006

Neon Chicken and Rubber Duck 3rd draft script part seven

Pt. 7 Global Warning with Al Gore.

This book is dedicated to the Internal Combustion Engine
1. You buoy; yes you
2. Have you noticed this peculiar weather we’ve been having lately?
3. Something’s wrong, someone’s up to no good
4. Yes (Bilderberg Group—Netherlands, Council on Foreign Relations—foreign policy think tank, Elders of Zion—Jewish global domination, The Gemstone File—Aristotle Onassis, the CIA, FBI, the Mafia and JFK, United Nations—Secretaries General, AIDS conspiracy theories and Apollo moon landing hoax accusations)
5. The Chattering Teeth say it’s the result of global warming

6. Poppycock. Toy box has more advantages than ever before…
7. advances in design and manufacturing. Toys are now more durable (Plastics today are chiefly derived from petroleum. Most are polymers, made up of long chains of identical molecules. Most plastics cannot be broken down by micro-organisms, so cannot easily be disposed of. Incineration leads to the release of toxic fumes, unless carried out at very high temperatures)
8. I remember the shortages of past times
9. Rubber Duck thinks: More cock and bull

11. The young have no concept of what it was like; recycle my old newspapers, my cockscomb (Glass items that Cannot be recycled at present are: drinking glasses, light bulbs, pyrex, window glass, crockery, Paper items that Cannot be recycled at present are: large cardboard boxes, hardback books, juice/milk cartons, plastic other waste)
12. There are more serious problems to sort out first
14. Like terrorism…
15. egg production

16. Rubber duck speaks: If the hen house is on fire, you put the fire out (fiddled while Rome burns - There is concrete evidence that there is no way Nero could have possibly fiddled while Rome burned: the fiddle was not invented until the dark ages/ Renaissance)
17. What? You are always defying me with your smart answers
18. I don’t believe we are in danger. No need to PANIC
19. What’s this? What’s happening?
20. Oh shit! Narrator: Chicken explodes and Rubber Duck floats away into the ‘sunset’

Water starts to rise from page 17 onwards, finally drowning and blowing up the Neon Chicken.

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